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Awesome Awnings - Sunsetter Retractable Awnings and Shades - Las Vegas

1. VISTA - A Really Great Awning!

Our low-cost Vista entry-level is available in a choice of widths to give a huge, shaded outdoor living area. It is opened and closed by using a simple hand crank, which is included in the price. A wide range of beautiful woven acrylic fabrics is available, as are traditional laminated fabrics. When not in use the awning easily rolls up out of the way.

You get protection from the sun and dangerous UV rays. It provides cooling of up to 20 degrees, and it will help keep your house cooler too! There are a wide range of accessories and enhancements available. One accessory we strongly recommend to everyone is to have a protective aluminium cover for the awning which will greatly extend its life as well as looking really smart.

2. MOTORIZED - An even better Awning!

Our Motorized Awning does everything the Vista does, but at the touch of a button! The simple remote control opens and closes the awning within a minute. Life can be so simple! We strongly recommend that you buy a low-cost Windsensor as an accessory. This automatically rolls back the awning in strong winds thus protecting you from damage caused by sudden storms and strong winds.
We offer two versions, the Motorized and the Motorized XL.

The XL is extra long, so if you want even more of your patio to use as living space in the sun, this is ideal.

3.  MOTORIZED PRO  - Life just keeps getting better!

The PRO is the top of the range model. It offers all the benefits and features of the Motorized and also has the XL, extra long, version available. The PRO has an integrated Front Weather Panel, the Weatherbreaker, hidden in the front roller bar. This unrolls up to 5 ft to protect you from sun getting in the front of the awning.

4. OASIS - Unique Free-Standing Awning

This is truly wonderful. You can have an awning by your pool that is rated to withstand strong winds, yet isn’t attached to your house and can easily be moved to another part of your backyard or patio. Both handcrank and motorized versions are available. There is nothing else like this available. If you want shade away from the house you will love this.

5. GRABER AWNINGS – the very best got even better!

Springs Window Fashions/Graber recently bought Sunsetter, and celebrated by bringing out uprated versions of all the above. As the official authorized Sunsetter dealer in Las Vegas we offer this range that you won’t find anywhere else. So if you want the absolute best, and are prepared to pay a little more, talk to us about the Graber Sunsetter range.

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